Wow, I cant believe I am writing my first blog post.  I used to think blogs were corny and the activity of loser cyber-urchins with no social life.  Now I think theyre pretty cool.  Or maybe I have become a loser cyber-urchin with no social life and I have subconciously chosen to change my attitude towards the identifying agent of said status (having a blog) in a last ditch attempt at self denial. 

I would be surprised if this were the case, though.  I have a bunch of friends, and I go out often and have fun; I’m a fun guy.  Then again, maybe I wouldn’t be so surprised…I’m pretty good at self-denial (on a separate note, remind me to tell you about how good I look in spandex).

So since I clearly am no good at objectively judging myself, I will think instead about people I know who have blogs, and theyre pretty cool people too, and their blogs are great and I enjoy reading them.  OK, I have decided, blogs are not just for losers, and in fact are great and the people who write them are awesome.  There, a totally objective conclusion I can be happy with.  You should be happy too…this means there will be another post.

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