Confucius : Ancient Chinese stand-up comedian


The website is really cool.  When I am bored [at work] I go there to see video clips of their prime-time programs, mainly the funniest show on TV, The Office.  I just saw a bunch of deleted scenes from season 4, including this one demonstrating how Confucius, though a pretty old guy, can still thrive in the modern world thru humor.

 The website is loaded with other cool time-consuming freebies for those never-ending boring work days [also known as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday].  Last Thursday I got a free ticket to a great dance performance at City Center, which I almost turned down because I thought I would miss episode 2 of season 4, to which I was like, oh, heLL no – I didn’t spend all that time watching seasons 1-3 on netflix to get caught up in time for season 4 just miss the second episode (which would mean I could [would] not watch the rest fo the season cuz I hate to see things out of order).


Then I realized I wouldn’t have to miss anything, because NBC offers webisodes — free live streams of recently aired prime-time programs.  This is awesome because it streams in great quality and you can watch it on your computer at any time within the first week that the broadcast originally aired.  It’s like free TiVo that you can access from anywhere…say perhaps, your work computer, if you are bored and have time to watch TV programs..all day..every day.

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