The Great Debate – Golf a sport?

I was at the gym a few days ago watching sportscenter while running on the treadmill [ok, walking.  but fast walking, and on a steep incline.  I hate running.]  Anyway, they were showing highlights of Tiger Woods’ latest victory and then began a brief discussion centered around this question:  who was the more dominant athlete — MJ or Tiger? 

Let’s just put this shit to rest once and for all.  GOLF IS NOT A SPORT – it is  GAME.  You know, as in ping pong, billards, bowling, checkers, monopoly, parcheesi, GOLF.  The reasons for this are many, but the way I see it, if all those tubby bastards who can’t bend over low enough to tie their shoelaces can go out and dominate with a cigar in their mouths the whole time, it’s not a sport.   There has to be a certain level of exertion involved…isn’t that what makes someone an athlete? I mean damn, I sweat more on the can after eating Mexican food then Tiger does to win a week-long golf tournament.  Granted, I apply hot sauce generously to my chicken quesadillas, but still, that disparity doesn’t sit well with me [pun intended]. 

golf-fat.jpg OK, I take it back..this guy probably does a whole lot of sweating playing golf.

And for those of you hypersensitive plaid-loving golf afficionados who take offense to my athletic taxonomy (a condtion known as the Country-Club Conundrum), understand that I am neither trivializing the game nor questioning the amount of skill it requires; and I am certainly not alone in this classification.

Bottom line, unless Tiger Woods is a UFC fighter on the weekends, the “debate” over his dominance as an athlete is over before it even begins.

golf-old.jpg She finished a close second to Tiger at the Buick Invitational.  Ok she didnt, but she could have.  The chick wears diapers and could still be a terrific golf player. Case closed.

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