Shisha Smoke Ring Madness

I don’t smoke sheesha nearly as much as I used to, for health reasons.  But when I do, I’m always trying to work on my smoke rings.  Blowing “O”s takes practice…at first I couldn’t get it, and then I could do it but not without looking like a fish giving a blowjob.  Then I got better, though my skills have diminished along with my smoking frequency.  If you smoke, you should practice your ring blowing skills, as they are widely regarded as a symbol of coolness and sexiness. In some remote socieities, only smoke ring blowers can be tribal leaders, and are given a virgin for every ring.  Statistics also show that smoke ring blowers make way more money and get laid a whole lot more than non-smoke ring blowers.  ‘Nuff said.

smoke-ring.jpg  smoke-ring-2.jpg

Don’t lie.  You want to sleep with these people.  

Youtube has tons of clips of sheesha-smoke-ring shoguns.  There are a bunch of good ones, but I kind of like this rapid-fire clip, even though the guy looks like a huge stoner who smokes all day in his boxers on his couch while eating huge bowls of Fruity Pebbles with a ladle and watching marathons of DOG: The Bounty Hunter [awesome show].

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