Photo of the Day: Why Obama Won the College-Male Vote

Because at the end of the day, every bro has to look himself in the mirror.


For you Hillary fans out there, no worries… I’m sure there are some sorority girls somewhere printing up pink “Chicks before Dicks”  t-shirts as we speak.  These things have a way of evening out.

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4 Comments on “Photo of the Day: Why Obama Won the College-Male Vote”

  1. huntingdonpost Says:

    And this is why an old college professor like myself has had to quit the Democratic Party.

  2. Zuér Says:

    that’s a cryin shame ! When it comes to politics, you just gotta pick your poison.

  3. huntingdonpost Says:

    Well, one can refuse the poison, or the Kool-Aid, as it is being called. To some extent we allow people to have power over us by choosing to do nothing to stop it. So I have taken my stand.

  4. Zuér Says:

    How so? Have you joined another party, or have you quit politics all together? By “poison”, I was referring to the candidates, implying that they all have their flaws… so if all Kool-Aid is bad for you, then you might as well pick the one that tastes good, so to speak. I wasnt referring to the rhetoric of some young people trying to make some money off of the campaign buzz…but even then, why would that cause you to quit the party?

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