who needs love when you have NETFLIX

October 3, 2007


I discovered netflix two months ago when Manu gave me a free trial card.  My first dvd arrived a week later.  I became a man on that day.  Or at least a fan.  netflix is fuckiNg great.  If you wouldve asked me a few months ago if I was a big movie watcher, I wouldve been like, “nah not really, I cant just sit down and watch movies for hours, I prefer to be out doing stuff,” or some other bullshit to avoid admitting that I spend many boring hours just surfing the web and wishing I had cable so I could watch whatever game was on at the time.  Ask me that question now.  I dare you.  I won’t even say “Yes, I am now an avid watcher of movies, thanks to Netflix.”  I feel like I have become enough of a movie buff to be haughty about it, as in, “uhh, I watched 4 movies this week, all in different languages, so what do you think, biatch?”  I might even slap the person who asked me that question because I would be incredulous at the fact that he/she was uncertain about my status as a movie buff.  I went to a very artsy, pop-culture-hip school and never knew what the hell people were talking about because I didnt watch TV or movies.  (I have never seen Star Wars, any of them.  Do you know how much flack I catch for that?)  So now that I can have intelligent conversations about movies that came  out 50 years ago in Japan or France, I have a chip on my soldier.  And this is all because of netflix, the amazing company that lets you pay a small monthly fee in order to gain unlimited access to a movie database that is ridiculously extensive.  You can have several DVDs at a time and shipment/delivery takes only 2 days.  annnnd, no late fees, ever.  Actually Manu even lost a movie and they didnt make him pay for it.  You can also stream some movies right from your home computer.  I usually watch TV series (whats the plural of series? fuck i should know this) that are out on DVD, so I can watch whole seasons at a time and not worry about being in front of the TV on this day/at this time to watch a show.  I can just be like, nah Im going out, and Ill watch it when it comes out on netflix, biaaaatch.  See how that works for one’s confidence?  You too can be much cooler than other people by subscribing to netflix, and then calling them a biatch.


I just realized that since I usually get tv series that are on dvd and not many actual movies, I guess this means I’m getting more into TV and not into movies.  Drat! Does this mean I can’t call people biatches anymore? Im not ready to give that up yet. Back to square one. 

Netflix is ok…I guess.