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Netflix Movie Review — Ma Vie en Rose

October 3, 2007


Got this on netflix last week.  I’ve been watching a bunch of award winning foreign films and have had pretty good luck with them, and I would add this movie to the list.  It’s about a little boy who feels like a girl, or as he says, is the victim of a biological/heavenly mixup whereby hisher second X chromosome got accidentally switched with a Y.  So he’s acting girly and his family gets pissed off cuz theyre embarrassed by their young son who wears dresses. The movies focuses on how the family deals with this issue but also conveys the point that being trans-gender is a case of nature, not nurture.  The kid really believed that he was a girl, and wasnt merely acting out or testing boundaries.    I thought it was very well done.  For me though, it was hard to watch sometimes, in the way that a horror movie is hard to watch for some people.  When the kid was about to be caught in a dress by his pops, I was yelling at the screen, “get the hell outa there! he gon’ beat yo ass! run, dumbass!” I think my reaction was based more on the way my dad would have reacted if I got caught doing something like that than on the actual father character in the movie. It wasnt too sentimental though, and is pretty funny at times. 

3.5 pink roses out of 5