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No Porn in China?

January 6, 2009

Apparently, internet porn is illegal in China. 

Remind me not to go to China.

What kind of supposed democratic country doesn’t allow internet porn?  This is an atrocity.  The internet is all about the free exchange of ideas, and my uneducated guess is that the idea that porn is obscene and should be banned is probably not one that most people in China would agree with (if asked in private and out of the range of Big Brother, if such a place exists in China) .  It’s restrictive, and it’s censorship.  And it will only serve as a boon for China’s already massive and constantly burgeoning black market.  I think all this fast-track image sculpting the Chinese government is implementing will come back to bite it in the ass in the not so distant future.

At a minimum, it will definitely make for a lot of lonely nights and cranky mornings.

Save the Bananas

June 18, 2008

Just shouting out this interesting NYT article about the rising cost of bananas and the threat they face in the form of a new virus affecting plantations across the world.  Bananas are my favorite fruit and the thought of losing them truly terrifies me.  Why is there not a Save the Bananas charity out there somewhere?  I get mail every day from associations asking me to donate to the Save the Humpback Whale fund and Gonorrhea Research fund (both worthy causes) but Save the Bananas should be right up there.

Chiquita Banana is one sexy fruit.

The article was also really interesting because it explains how the fruit was originally brought into the US and describes the immense power that the largest American fruit companies wielded over foreign nations reliant on income from banana exports.  It reminds us that we as consumers need to make informed decisions about what we buy and pressure our manufacturers to abide by certain standards of conduct.  This way the banana can come to be a symbol of international democracy…in addition to being delicious. 

Worthless Words? My Text Message Poem

June 15, 2008

I texted this message to my friend on my way back from dinner, where I discovered that someone I care about is huge liar and hypocrite. It was a depressing discovery because I had a lot of respect for him before… my friend wanted to know how the dinner went, and here is the message I sent, in it’s original texted format:

Not too bad. But bad. I need to start doing drugs. Numbness is good. Short term at least. Words have limits. Theyre pretty worthless. But powerful. Weird. Limited, worthless…but so powerful. Mayb the impact is a result of the realization that theyre worthless…when you didnt believe them to be b4. Thats powerful.

Relax, Im oK i swear.

I dunno how I feel about this now, as I read what I wrote…I guess words arent totally worthless, cuz if they are, why am i even writing this? But maybe words are just the conduit through which we share our thoughts and feelings…ourselves…making words shallow in and of themselves, yet precious in effect.  Hypocrisy, more than anything I think, illustrates that words are nothing in and of themselves, and that they derive meaning from their source.  I’m gonna start paying as lot more attention to the source going forward.

Whatever. Words are overrated sometimes. I’m gonna bike to the park and lay on the grass for a while.

This extreme weather is scaring the crap out of me.

June 9, 2008

Weren’t we here in NY just complaining 2 weeks ago about how we were enduring an impossibly long winter, causing us to wear sweaters deep into May?  And now were on the verge of topping 100 degrees in early June, setting a new record?  And this humidity is like an energy-zapping parasite that drains the life  out of people.  You can’t breathe out there.    This is scary to me because even though we all know by now that industrialism has taken toll on the environment, the rate of tangible change is more rapid than I ever thought possible.  I grew up here, and the weather was so different then.  I can imagine telling my kids this story one day:

 “When I was your age, we had 4 seasons.” 

“Wow, really papa! Is that true? Four whole seasons!” 

“That’s right kids.  Summer, winter, and two things called Spring and Autumn.  They were magical things.  We had breezes, and air you could breathe easily.” 

“Wow papa!  Can you tell us the seasons story again!” 

“Sure.  When I was you age…”

Be sure to hold onto your Spring and Autumn memories so you can tell your kids about them one day. 

Oh, and also….START TAKING CARE OF THE FREAKING ENVIRONMENT by conserving as much as you can and being conscious of the effects of your consumption.  We only have one world. Let’s take care of it.

Mexican Donkey Jailed 3 Days… For Acting Like an Ass

May 22, 2008

Ay Dios Mio.

If you’re gonna punish an animal like a human, shouldn’t the animal be given human rights?  I highly doubt the Donkey was Mirandized, or even given a phone call.  And good luck providing him with a jury of his peers…I’d love to voir dire that one.

Not only that, but I have evidence proving that the Donkey was drugged and incapacitated against his will prior to the alleged assault, and therefore cannot be held responsible for his actions:

PETA would have a field day with this. 

Photo of the Day: Why Obama Won the College-Male Vote

May 15, 2008

Because at the end of the day, every bro has to look himself in the mirror.


For you Hillary fans out there, no worries… I’m sure there are some sorority girls somewhere printing up pink “Chicks before Dicks”  t-shirts as we speak.  These things have a way of evening out.

Holla at Obama

May 6, 2008

Just a quick reminder to Indianians and North Carolinians to STEP UP today and help Barack Obama get jiggy wit it for the next 4 years.  He has promised to unleash this baller-ific victory dance if he wins.  As if you needed any more reasons to support this man. Crank Dat Obama!  

I’ll take this over a Hillary hokey-pokey any day of the week.