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I’m an American, and I want a Visa, NOW! [please?]

June 16, 2008

Ive been saying for a while now that I want to live abroad, for a short while at least, and experience life in a completely different environment.  Ive begun to travel a lot recently, but that has only motivated me even more to get off my ass in pursuit of adventure.  I have a great job here in NY, some stability, friends…but there are other great places besides NY, my friends will still be here and I can make new ones anywhere, and stability at 23 is kind of overrated.  It sounds romantic, but living abroad for a while is becoming an itch that I have scratch.

Actually, it’s more like an infected, open wound.  Why?  Because getting a Visa in the EU (my preferred destination) is so damn hard.  What happened to the good old days when an American could just go and settle anywhere he wanted just because he was an American? OK I don’t know if those days ever existed, but I think it was easier before because Americans never fell into the group of skill-less mass migrants who threatened to rely on public assistance; American workers generally had more money and skills and were usually a boon to foreign economies.  But the way things have been going, the EU has its own surplus of skilled and educated workers, and work visas are much more easily obtained by laborers from third world economies than skilled foreign competition.

Being an American sure has lost its luster. What the hell, Europe! Dont you want me to bring democracy to your people!  Freakin commies…

My company won’t relocate me to a European office because, frankly, Im not nearly important enough here to warrant visa sponsorship.  I don’t feel like studying abroad just so that I can get a work visa, which is what I really want — that would be way too expensive. Basically, unless I marry me a Frenchie, I’m on the outside lookin in.

Chicago is looking like the more likely destination if I plan on getting my ass out of NY anytime this decade.

Movie Review – Under the Same Moon

April 1, 2008


I don’t watch TV (only the occasional game and TV series’ on Netflix) enough to know what movies are out, so I wasn’t surprised when I went to the AMC theater on 34th/8th and didnt recognize any of the movies that were playing.  We chose Under the Same Moon after reading the synopsis and deciding that the film had a chance to be good (I am really cynical when it comes to watching movies in theaters other than my beloved Lincoln Plaza Cinemas).

The movie is about a young boy in Mexico whose father abandoned him as a baby and whose mother illegally crossed the border into L.A. so she could make some money to send back home.  When his already tenuous living situation in Mexico falls apart, he realizes he has no more ties to his homeland and decides to make the dangerous trip across the border in the hopes of reuniting with his mother.  The kid is smart and endearing as both a character and an actor, and the film does a good job of capturing the inherent pain and suffering both of immigrants who risk their lives in search of opportunity and of the families they leave behind.  Do the paychecks being sent home every month heal the wounds of the children who grow up without their parents?  What is the true price of seeking economic opportunity away from home? The film examines these questions, and except for a few lapses of overly-sappy melodrama and some contrived exchanges, the strong acting and script make this film a rewarding one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 greencards