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My Turkish Adventure – Prologue

April 1, 2008


I haven’t gone yet.  Notice how ‘yet’ is in bold?  I am trying to emphasize that while I havent gone yet, I will go in a little while.  By a little while I mean about 6 months. The busy season for Turkish travel dies down in early October, which is important cuz I wanna bump elbows with TURKS, not American tourists passing by Istanbul during their 10 Cities in 10 Days trip. I’ll be in Turkey for about 12 days, followed or preceded by a yet TBD side trip.  Going to Turkey has been my dream vacation since travelling became a huge priority for me after I graduated from college.  I can’t think of another country that boasts as concentrated and massive a medley of intact ancient and modern historical sites and ruins, or one with as much evidence of cultural diffusion.  Turkey – its sites, architecture, food, language, clothing, and the very faces of its people – is all tangible history, a story waiting to be told, one so vast and voluminous that almost everyone can trace the influence of it somewhere down their own ancestral line. 

Though this is the prologue to my trip, my adventure began as soon as I bought my guidebook and started planning my trip.  I was considering, for the first time ever, taking an extended guided tour around the country, but decided against it and am happy I did.  I like the liberty of deciding what to do and where to go without having to worry about missing a bus every day…and who knows, maybe Ill  meet a cutie who’ll convince me to stay in a particular city a little longer…a man can wish, cant he? 

turkey-hedo.jpg How is there not a Hedo Turkoglu museum in Turkey? This guy is their best athlete aNd has ‘Turk’ in his last name. 

Just flipping through the guidebook, looking at pictures, and reading reviews has gotten me so excited to go, but also has been a distraction.  My task now is not to plan every detail, but to understand the highlights of the various cities and plan a basic roadmap so that I can estimate how long I should plan my trip there, as well as figuring out how to include my excursion-on-the-side to a nearby country, so that I can buy my ticket while the prices are low.  This part is so Goddamn hard cuz every city looks amazing and I cant live there cuz I wouldnt have a visa or a job or friends or knowledge of Turkish which by the way in english transliteration is so completely not phonetic I might get my ass kicked by a huge Turkish oil wrestler for mangling their language.

turkey-map.jpg  I’ve narrowed down where I want to visit.  I can definitely pull it off in one trip…I just wouldnt have a job to come back to.

It’s impossible to see everything in such a short time, but I want a good mix of modern and ancient, city and countryside, mosques and mountains…ok I want it all, sue me.  Or better yet, educate me, cuz I really need to pick the brain of someone who’s been there and can offer me advice other than where to get a good doner kepab; I’m going to Turkey, not Mamoun’s.