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Youtube bonanza!!! Hilarious Clips

March 11, 2008


As some of you may know, I update this blog while at work, where I am usually bored out of my mind.  I send constant emails to my friends who are also bored out of their minds at their desk jobs.   One thing we often do is scour youtube for funny clips and then send them to each other.  I can’t believe I haven’t shared these  yet… I think youtube is by far the best website to browse at while bored at work, and giving you all something to help pass the time while sitting at your desk and waiting for the little hand to hit the 5 is the foundation that this blog was founded upon!  YES-WE-CAN! 

OK, so I have sifted through my work email archives and pulled out the youtube links for your viewing pleasure.   Shout to Guillermo for finding a bunch of these.  Enjoy!

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TRACY MORGAN LIVE INTERVIEW #1.  Wow he is insane and hilarious and more insane (“Wow I’m good lookin, no wonder I got so many kids.”)

TRACY MORGAN INTERVIEW #2.  “you askin me how many kids I have? on the books or off?”

Tracy Morgan’s tips on how to be black.  “You ever got a female pregnant when you was like..7?” (*a personal favorite*)

Spelling Bee champ interview: WOW this kid’s parents should be arrested for raising a malcontent antisocial know-it-all asshole. 

Jamie Foxx [basically] committing murder!  This is funny but painful.

Flava Flav roast! featuring Lisa Lampanelli, who is one dirty biatch.  Funny but vulgar!

Pam Anderson roast, again featuring Lampanelli, aka “the reason why Italian men beat their wives.”

Alfonso Ribeiro dance instructional video! His finest work, pre-Carlton.

Mike Tyson interview compilation.  “I like to fornicate more than others so what? I’m da best eva…I’m rufless!”

Jesse Spano is so excited!  The infamous scene that defined a generation.

Human Tetris!  The real thing is so much better…and funnier.

Stephon Marbury on drugs interview.  “I think ima average 10 points, 12-13 dimes, 2-3 assists…[phone rings] oops thats my wife, my better half, my better ho.” [Wow. Steph writes the book on how to do an interview while high.  Tracy Morgan looks like a freaking scholar compared to Steph here.  As a Knicks fan this is actually painful to watch. To most other people who don’t like torturing themselves, it is hilarious. Steph’s explanation for his interview is here…]

WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK…each other.  This is long and not funny but crAzy and you have to watch until the end.  You can’t write this stuff.

Saved the best for last — behold, the evil eye baby!