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from Lincoln to Obama, a long road traveled

October 24, 2008

Pretty interesting nytimes piece, highlighting the presidential candidates the newspaper has endorsed since the 1860 election where Abraham Lincoln was elected, up to now.  This follows it’s recent public endorsement of Barack Obama, which was great, but not good enough to make me forget that it trivialized Obama during the primaries when it officially endorsed Hillary Clinton as the more capable candidate [still pissed about that].

Amazing that the first endorsement, for Lincoln, was for a candidate whose presidency would be focused mainly on the civil war and the divisive issue of the enslavement of Africans….and then you scroll down and see an endorsement for Barack Obama, a proud man of (recent ancestral) African descent.  Imagine how 19th century Americans would have reacted if you told them there would be a black president one day!  Hell, imagine if you did it 50 years ago, and the reaction probably wouldn’t be as different as we may like to think.

But we’re ready now.  We as a people have come a long way, and we have to continually make bold decisions in favor of change for the better, rather than seek out the short-term comfort of complacency. 

I hope you all agree, and that you show it on election day by getting off your asses and voting this Election Day.  It’s just around the corner! History in the making, folks.  Be a part of it.


February 29, 2008


Hey NYT, what’s it like up BILLARY’S ass? They should know, theyve spent so much God damn time there lately.  I generally like to browse through the Times every day, but their constant pro-BILLARY editorials are really starting to piss me off.  First of all, I don’t think a newspaper should pubish an editorial exlaining its own support of a candidate in the first place, as the NYT did.  But I thought that after that opinion was expressed, theyd go back to what theyre actually sposed to be reporting — the NEWS.  Every other day I read another buttkissing Billary Op-Ed written under the guise of neutrality, and I think it’s a major blow to the paper’s rep.  This recent article was written by a supposed Republican who hates everything Clinton, but quickly turns into an explanation of why she is the best chance democrats have at reclaiming the White House.  Oh, but he still thinks Obama is a great guy, because he can make dumb college kids interested in politics.  Thanks for throwing us that bone, NYT.  Hillary is the better candidate, but Obama is one hip mamma-jamma!  That is propaganda on a platter, people.

It’s fine to have an opinion…but I prefer to read about them in blogs, not my daily newspaper. I expressed my displeasure by pissing on their comment wall, but they didnt rejected my comment! 

Oh, it’s on now.